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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{Birthday BOY!}

There's an amazing boy I know who was born
making this world a better place. 
Happy 11th Birthday Jack!
May all your little boy dreams come true...


Erica B said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Don Clark said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Eleven is an awesome age, my Grandson will be eleven this month. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

(great portrait btw)

Tommy Deemer said...

It's completely amazing what can happen when you ask the big man from above to give you strength and encourgement and yesterday after work, I was googling something completely different, I think funny things or something, a pic of Jack came up, thinking it had to do with funny faces, I read ur blogs and it hit me like a ton of bricks, I gotten my strength and it came from a 11yr old boy and his family. I was amazed and blessed at the same time. I was born with a mild case of CP. However the bones in my feet are deforumed so as of February 2013 I gotten reconstructive foot surgery done on my left, if it wasn't for my wife pushing me in the right way I would of gave up. now fast forward over a year, I'm still not doing good with my foot, there is time where I can't put my foot down and quite trying. Because of Jack and the rest of ur amazing family, I'm gonna keep pushing, I got my wife, a goofy 1yr old pointer mix named Bella Ann, I'm gonna be looking at other options for my foot in the upcoming weeks, Just like Jack's attitude, I'm going to overcome this and win. you are a truely amazing Family and can't wait to hear how everyone is doing If you ever want to chat just email me, I'd be more then honored to chat with you and ur family.
God Bless you all

Tommy Deemer said...

Happy 12th Birthday Jack :-)

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